Probiotic solutions

The probiotic active ingredients help to clean surfaces.

  Surface probiotics combine an effective natural detergent formula with harmless but protective probiotic bacteria.
Unlike conventional detergents, no CLP is required on surface probiotics.

What are bacteria?

Bacteria are microscopic living organisms present in all environments. Most bacteria are harmless, but some can cause adverse effects such as bad odours, stubborn dirt, etc. 

What are probiotcis?

Probiotics are highly active micro-organisms, "combined bacteria" useful to humans and the environment.

the 3 actions of micro-organisms :

Effective cleaning 


Why does it work?

The probiotic bacteria feed on organic matter (dirt) present in the tightest corners.


Why does it work?

After application, a friendly microflora develops on the entire treated surface.

Prevents odours

Why does it work?

The probiotics digest the organic matter that causes bad odours.

We've teamed up with  R&O Lab, a company with expertise in environmental biotechnology, to offer the Biotican®,
probiotic-based range


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providing deep cleaning

Our Biotican® products are based on probiotics,  beneficial bacteria, selected for their capacity to act. The natural micro-organisms accelerate the biodegradation of organic matter, i.e. "dirt". The active ingredients of probiotics help to permanently clean surfaces.

Available in 12 x 1 L of  4 x 5 L, there is a Biotican® for each surface :FLOOR for floors,  NTERIOR for water resistant furniture,  SANITARY for sanitary spaces and CARPET. In addition, you recieve an even dosage thanks to the  refillable 1 L canister.

See the complete range.
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      Cleaning surfaces with friendly probiotics

      No change in your working methods, no training for your staff to clean with our BIOTICAN®

      Cleans surfaces using
      beneficial bacteria 

      Applies a natural
      protective microflora 

      Makes your environnment 
      permanently clean

      Promotes well-being